Cheapest gas in America

Good news: Birmingham has the cheapest gas in America
July 25, 2015 – 11:43 am

gas station
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — According to a report from the Associated Press, Birmingham is currently enjoying the lowest average gas prices in the nation.

Clocking in at $2.33 a gallon, the Birmingham metro area’s gas prices are the lowest in the country in a time when gas prices have declined across the board in response to the plummeting cost of crude oil following China’s less-than-optimistic economic forecasts, recently.

According to gas price tracking website, 18 states have seen double digit declines in the last month while just two states have seen double digit rises, which it blames on issues at individual gas refineries.

GasBuddy says there’s even more good news: we haven’t reached the bottom yet.

“For now, it would appear that the latter half of the summer will bring cheaper gas prices than the first half while this autumn is shaping up to give this past winter a run for its money in terms of cheap gas prices.”

How are you going to enjoy the lower gas prices during last few weeks of summer? Go on an extra road trip? Visit one of Alabama’s beautiful tourist attractions? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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UTP Source: Cheapest gas in Boise, Idaho
UTP Source: Cheapest gas in Boise, Idaho
cheapest gas in America
cheapest gas in America
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