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Gas prices spike 16 cents in a week, making Dallas-Fort Worth's
November 27, 2014 – 01:32 pm

Local gas prices have shot up 16 cents in the past week, making Dallas-Fort Worth’s per-gallon average of $3.60 the highest in the state.

The rising pain at the pump can be pinned on an unlikely combination of refinery production outages, turmoil in Egypt and summer driving demand.

On the bright side, the $3.60 average is still 7 cents below the national average, and experts don’t expect the uptick to continue much longer.

“We’re approaching the last half of July and the summer driving season is beginning to end, ” said Bruce Bullock, director of the Maguire Energy Institute at Southern Methodist University. “And, while the situation in Egypt isn’t getting better, as time goes on the market will get used to it.”

Egypt does not produce much oil, but it’s close enough to the Suez Canal and oil wells in Saudi Arabia for ongoing civil unrest there to raise concern.

“Events and unrest in Egypt have been a primary factor in surging oil prices, ” said Doug Shupe, a spokesman for AAA Texas/New Mexico. “Egypt is not considered a major oil producer, but it’s proximity to the Suez Canal and major oil producing nations raise concerns of a potential disruption to supply should violence spread or escalate.”

Another factor has been production outages. According to a list maintained by Nasdaq, at least 16 refineries in the U.S. had production disrupted. Of them, six were unplanned outages.

“Basically they have to reduce their output for some maintenance and repairs, ” Bullock said. “But these maintenance and repair issues occur earlier in the year, so that’s a bit unusual.”

This unusual perfect storm is causing commuters in Dallas and across the state to make some tough choices.

April Robel, a pre-school teacher from Amarillo, opted out of driving in Dallas for the weekend because of the price of gas. Instead, she relied on Dallas Area Rapid Transit to shuttle around town.

“I figured it’s more cost effective because I have to pay parking and gas, ” she said. “Back home, there’s not as much public transportation, so I have to commute back and forth every day.”

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Where is the cheapest gas in Dallas Texas

The cheapest gas is $3.73 at Sam's Club 751 W Main St near IH-35E and Costco 1225 SH-276 & S Goliad St.

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