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Columbia Gas of Ohio Is a Part of NiSource Inc.
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Columbia Gas is the Ohio branch of NiSource Inc., operating as a utility for energy consumers in its service area. NiSource Inc. is a large energy company that owns and operates close to 60, 000 miles of natural gas pipeline. NiSource Inc. has seven branches of natural gas distribution companies and delivers it to more than 3.3 million industrial, commercial and residential customers in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland and Ohio.

Columbia Gas of Ohio offers gas rates for both supply and delivery of the commodity. Because Ohio has deregulated energy, this gas utility is only one of many options for purchasing natural gas supply. Before the market opened in 1997, all Ohio natural gas consumers were required to purchase their supply from Columbia Gas or whatever utility services their area. Nowadays, in Ohio, the utility's main objective is to deliver the commodity, not necessarily to sell the supply.

Columbia Gas of Ohio is a default option for supply

In Ohio, if a consumer does not choose a natural gas supplier, he or she will receive the default service from the utility at regulated gas rates for that supply. Consumers with Columbia Gas of Ohio who have not shopped gas rates are currently under this default service. Its gas supply rates are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and fluctuate with the market value of natural gas. Variable gas rates such as these may not be a convenient fit for some consumers. If that's the case, a consumer can find an alternative gas supply rate from a retail supplier that services his market. No matter what supplier a consumer chooses, he or she will still receive gas delivery from the utility at regulated gas rates for delivery.

Columbia Gas of Ohio is replacing outdated natural gas pipeline

As seen on its website, this utility's main priority is to ensure it provides safe and dependable natural gas delivery. To stay up to its standards, Columbia Gas of Ohio has begun replacing 4, 000 miles of its current pipeline and infrastructure. The condition and age of this infrastructure could potentially prohibit the utility from meeting its own expectations; to prevent this, it is investing more than $2 billion to update infrastructure.

Customer CHOICE ® assists customers who want the best plan for them

Columbia Gas' Customer CHOICE® program was designed to help natural gas consumers in its service area find a gas supply rate and plan that works for them. Because Ohio has deregulated energy, consumers are given the opportunity to choose from a range of suppliers that offer alternative gas rates. The Customer CHOICE® program is this utility's way of lending a hand to its customers who are shopping for alternative gas rates for their supply.

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