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March 22, 2016 – 11:33 pm

Welcome to Lexington Power & Light (LP&L).

LP&L is an independent energy services company (ESCO) that sells electricity and natural gas. LP&L does not represent the distribution utility. Under deregulation, Energy consumers like you have the right to purchase energy supply from an independent ESCO like LP&L.

As a direct supplier, our purpose at LP&L is to provide superior customer service in conjunction with the supply of discount electricity and natural gas, while promoting energy conservation.

Built on the principles of honesty, integrity, and putting people before profits, we strive to make a difference, one home, one business, and one neighborhood at a time.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the LP&L family and we can't wait to show you how to take control of your energy supply and better manage your energy bills.

The deregulation of the electricity and natural gas markets allows selected, authorized companies to compete for your energy business, and competition for business typically creates varying price points. As suppliers compete for market share, rates improve for consumers. The deregulation of the energy market has done just that, and consumers are enjoying the power to choose their supplier, and experience lower rates than ever before.

When you exercise your power to choose Lexington Power and Light, your local utility will continue to deliver your energy and support any emergency service, and will still provide one unified bill for your energy services. There is no special equipment or installation required to switch your electric and natural gas supplier.

Choosing Lexington Power & Light as your direct energy supplier has numerous benefits including:

No need for contracts! Lexington Power & Light doesn't make you sign long term commitments.

Freedom from market fluctuation(fixed rate product). When you use LP&L as your energy supplier, you'll see gas rates that don't spike in the winter and electric rates that don't skyrocket in the summer. Our buying power and expertise allows us to obtain the lowest rates available, so your family can have a more balanced utility budget.

Clean, domestic energy sourcing. Natural gas is a cheaper, more reliable and cleaner alternative to both home heating oil and diesel fuel, and Lexington Power & Light is proud to bring this domestically produced energy source to America's homes. Abundant reserves within US borders mean it also produces jobs, helps to grow the economy, and reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

For over ten years, Public Service Commissions and State Legislatures, along with local utilities in certain states, have empowered consumers by deregulating their energy markets. This deregulation fosters competition among suppliers for electric and natural gas supply, leading to savings for you, the consumer.

Your energy service is broken up into two parts: supply and delivery.

In the past, the price of electricity and natural gas was state-regulated, and your local utility company provided both supply and delivery.

Source: www.lexpl.com
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