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Best Gas Dryer | Top 10 Gas Dryers Reviews and Ratings
December 25, 2016 – 12:16 am

This is one of Samsung’s best gas dryers. It doesn’t hold a candle to the 8 cubic foot capacity dryer on this list, but 7.4 is not much to complain about…read more

11 cycle selections
5 temperature settings
43.4” H x 29” W x 27.75” D
7 cubic feet

13 cycle modes
5 temperature settings
39” H x 27” W x 30.38”D
7.4 cubic feet capacity

7.3 cubic feet capacity
11 cycle modes
4 temperature settings
43.87” H x 27” W x 30” D

11 cycle selections
5 temperature settings
38” H x 27” W x 31.5” D
8 cubic feet capacity

6 cycle selections
4 temperature settings
38.125” H x 27” W x 31” D
7.4 cubic feet

7 cycle selections
4 temperature settings
41.5” H x 27” W x 31.13” D
7 cubic feet

6 cycle selections
4 temperature settings
42” H x 27” W x 25.75” D
6 cubic feet

The Best Features to Have in a Gas Dryer

If you are in the market for a new gas dryer, you’ve probably already realized the sheer amount of features and cycles the manufacturers pile up in each machine. The key to winning the battle is knowing which features are truly useful and aren’t. What’s the point in paying extra for features you won’t use. Here’s a rundown of the best gas dryer features you should look for.

Moisture sensors

This is a must-have feature if you want your dryer to work the most efficiently. Traditional gas dryers estimate the correct drying time based on the temperature of the air in the drum. Sometimes their estimates are a bit off, leaving clothes still damp or shrunk and sizzling.

New models have fixed this problem with sensors in the drum that detect moisture levels in the clothes and adjust the temperature and time of the cycle accordingly. The dryer shuts off automatically when the clothes are dry, which means no energy is wasted and your clothes aren’t subjected to overheating, which damages fabric.

Permanent press

A perma-press option gives your clothes a cool-down period at the end of a cycle. This feature is handy because it reduces wrinkles, which can mean less ironing time for you. It also protects your colorful clothes from fading.

Adjustable temperature

Different fabrics require different temperatures to dry properly without damage. High temperatures are fine for white, preshrunk items, but lower temperatures should be used for your delicate items and colorful garments.

Lint filter indicator

If you’re bad about remembering to clean the lint filter, an indicator is a handy feature that will remind you. A clogged filter greatly impedes the drying process and poses a fire risk.

10 Tips for Improving the Efficiency and Performance of Your Dryer
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  • Speed Rinse Jet Spray system sprays a powerful jet as the tub spins, forcing water to penetrate through the clothes for an effective rinse
  • Ultra large matching GAS dryer with 7.3 cu ft capacity and 8 drying cycles
  • Sensor dry Technology means your clothes will never overdry causing damage.
ADR-Products BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent
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  • Indoor lint trap for electric dryers
  • Does not use water
  • Clothes dry faster, saving time and energy
  • Double filter system captures lint and dust for healthier indoor environment
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  • Stylish European Design, with Front Controls, and Full LED Lighting.
  • NevRust Stainless Steel Drums are Durable, and Rust Free. Wont Snag Clothing
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