Frigidaire Affinity Gas Dryer

Frigidaire Affinity FAQE7111LW Dryer Review
June 7, 2015 – 02:58 pm

Drum LightThis review was published on May 27, 2014. Since then, this product may have been discontinued or replaced. Pricing and availability may differ from what is stated in the review.

The Frigidaire Affinity FAQE7111LW (MSRP $799) is a budget dryer in every sense of the word. Though sale prices below $480 make it the cheapest stackable dryer on the market, it doesn't stand out in any other way. None of its cycles really aced any of our tests, extra features are nonexistent, and you'll definitely have to put a comforter in more than once to get it dry.

In fact, the best thing about this dryer is the fact it can be stacked on any number of excellent matching washers. The, for instance, is an extremely good value. So, if you purchase the set, you'll at least get a great washer. Even so, if you can afford another hundred dollars, we recommend you step up to the FAQE7001LW, an otherwise-identical dryer that adds an automatic dryness sensor for better performance.

The price is what's attractive.

The Frigidaire FAQE7111LW is all white enamel, inside and out. It's visually indistinguishable from the, although the 7001 includes an automatic drying sensor while the 7111 does not.

Plain design does offer some advantages. The control panel is very clean with an easy-to-read timer. All the buttons are clearly labeled and have good mechanical action. There's little chance for confusion or picking the wrong cycle, since there are only six of them: Normal, Casual, Bulky and three different Timed Cycles. The door is reversible, which is pretty standard but still a nice touch.

The only special feature here is a drum light, which is very helpful in dark basements and laundry rooms.

Nothing new to see here.

This Affinity has a drum light, perfect for dark basements.

This average-looking dryer offered average performance. The Normal cycle left our test laundry slightly damp. Absent any noticeable wet spots, a little moisture actually helps keep wrinkles at bay. The cycle took an hour to complete, which is serviceable. The Casual cycle also took about an hour and got very similar results to the Normal cycle. On both cycles, we got similar results across multiple tests—which is exactly the consistency we want to see in a dryer.

However, this machine struggled with its Bulky cycle. Cycle times ranged from fifty minutes to an hour and a half, and the cycle never got our test comforters more than two-thirds of the way dry. Even considering that it's common practice to flip a comforter and run a Bulky cycle again, we can't give this cycle a pass since it hit temperatures north of 170°F. That's hot enough to cause fabric wear over repeated dryings.

A clean design

Aside from customizable temperature settings and a wrinkle release feature, which tumbles laundry every few minutes after a cycle completes, there aren't any real special options or cycles.

An affinity for saving money

We can talk about drying performance and features until the cows come home, but none of that matters if a machine is out of reach for most consumers.

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Popular Q&A
Where is the fuses in a frigidaire affinity dryer

Hi, On many dryers, there's a thermal fuse mounted to the exhaust duct inside the back cover panel. The fuse--which is about an inch long--is usually embedded in black resin and mounted in a white plastic housing. If the fuse has blown, you need to replace it. (You can't re-set it.)

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