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Call to Action: Make Clothes Dryers More Energy-Efficient to Save Consumers Up to $4 Billion
September 26, 2015 – 04:46 pm

NRDC is releasing a Call to Action today to help reduce the $9 billion worth of energy used by our clothes dryers, which few people realize are one of the largest energy users in our homes and represent 2 percent of our nation’s entire electricity consumption.

While major appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and even clothes washers have undergone significant energy efficiency improvements during the past 20 years, unfortunately the amount of energy wasted by clothes dryers in the United States has received little attention.

As this graph shows, a typical electric clothes dryer often consumes as much energy annually as a new refrigerator, clothes washer and dishwasher combined.

Dryers 2014 NRDC.jpg

While dryer energy use has remained essentially unchanged in the United States, the good news is dramatically more efficient models exist in Europe, Australia, and Asia – demonstrating that the technology exists to cut dryers’ energy waste.

In fact, extensive research done by NRDC and its consultant Ecova shows that updating residential dryers to the level of the most efficient versions sold overseas could save U.S. consumers a whopping $4 billion a year. These improvements also would prevent roughly 16 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, equivalent to the pollution from three coal-fired power plants.

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An odor in gas clothes dryer? | Yahoo Answers

soak an old pillow with water and then pour a few cups of bleach on to the pillow in a trash bag. So you don't drip the bleach all over the place. Now once that is complely wet put that into the dry and make it run for 1 hour or so on the highest dry setting you got. That should take out the smell for you.
Repeat the process if it still smells.

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