Roper Gas Dryer

How to open dryer to replace coils on gas valve
August 3, 2015 – 09:43 am

Originally Posted by Gene Good luck Sing. Keep us posted.


First time user here, found via Google search.

Thanks for the information Gene, it solved my problem.

I had similar symptoms as Sing on a Whirlpool/Roper gas dryer. First I noticed that the clothes were not drying at all, so I opened the back and watched if for a while. When starting from cold I could see a glow in the heater area followed by flames from the ignited gas. After it reached the high temp the flame would shut off. A few minutes later I would see the glow for a few seconds, but there was no gas to ignite. I had excellent air flow through the whole system, so I knew it wasn't being caused by any blockage.

With your instructions and the breakdown diagram I was able to remove the coils and take them with me to the appliance parts store. They tested them and confirmed they were bad. The coil replacement kit (both coils) happened to be one of two featured items on their website this month and cost me $29.88. I've seen them online for less, but this is a local store and they tested the old coils for me. I had also tested them with an Ohm meter and was reading 0 Ohms across all terminals, as if they were shorted.

The only slight difficulty I had was removing the screws without removing the drum. I had it supported with a small, sturdy shoe box and realized a normal size screwdriver wouldn't fit. My short one didn't work either, so I ended up using a small socket wrench with a star-point screwdriver attachment.

The wires are not normally on top of the screws. I moved them out of the way so I could get a photo of the burner assembly number in case I needed it. It's very easy to unplug the coils, remove the bracket, and put the coils back. The one with 3 wires goes in front and there are small tabs that line up with the bracket to prevent you from installing them wrong.

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