Whirlpool Gas Dryer no heat

Whirlpool Dryer No Heat Repair Guide
September 6, 2013 – 11:07 am

Heater-can front panel removal models

Element Grounded Out

Also check to make sure the element isn’t grounded out. If the heater is grounded out the dryer can overheat and cause one of the safety thermostats to trip. A grounded heater can also cause the dryer to heat even when it is off which can be very dangerous. To check for a grounded heater, disconnect the wires from the element and test for continuity from the metal heater-can to one of the heater terminals. If you have any continuity from one of the terminals to ground (heater-can), the element is grounded out so replace the heater. If the heater is grounded out, one of the high limit thermostats or the thermal fuse may be tripped and needs replacing.

Dryer heating elements can be purchased at

High Limit Thermostats/fuse

There are two high limit thermostats that cut out the heating element. In the event it becomes too hot, the vent being stopped up can cause this, so if the high limit thermostat is bad check the vent as well. To check the high limits, first unplug the dryer then remove the back. Once off you should see the heater can with the two high limits, unplug the wires from both of them. Using your , check to see if you have continuity between the two terminals of each of the high limits, thus if you don’t have continuity on either one replace both of them. Whirlpool recommends it and they come together in a package. This part can be purchased at

Operating Thermostat

Operating thermostats don’t fail often but when they do they can cause your dryer not to heat or overheat.

Not heating

The operating thermostat can cause your Whirlpool dryer to stop heating. To test this, disconnect power to the dryer and disconnect the two outside wires off the thermostat, next test for continuity with an ohmmeter. If it is open replace it.


Overheating can also be caused by a grounded heating element, see the section above titled dryer heating element for more information.

Source: www.appliance-repair-it.com
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