Fireplace Gas Inserts

Gas Fireplace Inserts by Mendota
July 19, 2017 – 06:06 pm

The art of modern efficiency

Fire becomes art in Mendota FullView Modern gas fireplace inserts. Their stunning aesthetics are matched by a thoroughly modern point of view on efficiency—replacing drafty, messy and inconvenient woodburning fires with today's high-efficiency green technology. It's a thing to behold indeed.
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See more of the flames, less of the metal

With a 33% larger viewing area and no telltale louvers or raised platform most gas inserts use to conceal the controls, the FullView gas fireplace insert has the exact look and feel of a woodburning fireplace.Gas fireplace inserts by Mendota It will quickly become the focal point of your room—the memory of messy ashes and hours spent stacking and storing wood vanquished with the touch of a button.
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Two gas insert sizes fit virtually every fireplace

Mendota's gas fireplace inserts instantly enhance the beauty and functionality of your existing woodburning fireplace. Available in two sizes, both gas fireplace insert models feature sealed combustion, direct vent technology that keeps warm air in and cold air out, assuring high air quality, maximum efficiency and trouble-free operation in today's tight homes.

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Gas Fireplace Inserts
Gas Fireplace Inserts
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AKDY AKDY 28" Black Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert W/Remote Azfl-EF05-28r
Home (AKDY)
  • Black Firebox Fireplace Insert, Flat panel glass
  • Patented electric flame technology
  • On/off remote control, 28X20X11.5
  • Simply plug it into a standard household electrical (120V) outlet
  • Place it anywhere with an existing fireplace
Rutland Rutland Fireplace Insert Insulation Fiberglass, 1-1/2-Inch by 10-Feet
Home (Rutland)
  • 10 x1 1/2 insulation strip with an adhesive backing
  • Used to create a tight seal between fireplace inserts and existing masonry
  • Rated up to 225 F
  • Replace insulation every time the fireplace insert is removed for cleaning
Gas Insert Tour - Fireplace Warehouse ETC
Gas Insert Tour - Fireplace Warehouse ETC
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Sure Heat Manufacturing Inc Country Split Oak Vented Dual Burner Log Set for Natural Gas Fireplace, 24-Inch
Home (Sure Heat Manufacturing Inc)
  • Nine highly detailed, hand painted ceramic logs traditionally stacked on a tiered grate realistically recreate the look of a mature fire in your fireplace
  • Equipped with a manual valve system and works with natural gas fuel
  • Fits all fireplaces with minimum dimensions of 36-inch front width; 15-inch depth; and 25-inch back width
  • 70, btu s
  • Requires a working flue
Dimplex Dimplex DFI2309 Electric Fireplace Insert
Home (Dimplex)
  • 1375-watt electric fireplace insert with patented flame technology and remote control
  • Easy to install into existing fireplace opening; plugs into standard household outlet
  • Built-in fan-forced heater distributes heat evenly and quietly
  • Full heat, half heat, or flame only for 4-season enjoyment; user manual included
  • Measures 10-4/5 by 23-1/5 by 19-4/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
MEECO MFG CO INC MEECO'S RED DEVIL 585 Glowing Embers, 12 Oz
Home Improvement (MEECO MFG CO INC)
  • Renew the realism of your log set; when the flames hit the embers they glow red like real wood embers
  • A beautiful addition to any vented gas log set
  • Long lasting, should never need replacing
  • Not to be used with VENT FREE log sets
  • Made in the USA
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