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July 15, 2016 – 02:58 pm

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Gone are the days when burning wood was your only option for a fireplace or stove. Presently, gas fireplaces and gas stoves are very popular due to the overall convenience and efficiency when compared to the traditional woodburning practice.

Gas hearth systems use either natural gas or liquid propane for fuel. Natural gas is more common, and propane is usually only used where natural gas is not available. While the use of gas in hearth appliances began way back in the early 20th century, its popularity has steadily increased over the last 50 years or so. Advances in technology, particularly in the increasingly realistic appearance of gas logs and flames, have persuaded more and more consumers to choose gas over wood.

There are several advantages in choosing the gas route, not the least of which is the vast increase in efficiency with gas as opposed to wood. Moreover, the gas burns clean; there are no hassles with cleaning up ashes, and you may never have to buy (or chop) another wood log in your lifetime.

One appealing aspect of a gas hearth appliance is its convenience in terms of owner control of the fire itself. Most gas appliances are marketed as "remote ready, " meaning you can use a variety of methods to operate your fireplace remotely. You can use a remote control, a wall switch/timer, or even a programmable thermostat to determine just how hot and how long you want your appliance to burn. Many models also offer variable flame control, which allows you to adjust the height of the flame according to your desire for more heat or just a better-looking fire.

Another trait gas fireplaces and stoves share is ease of installation. The fireplaces can be recessed into a wall, placed inside a fireplace mantel cabinet, built around in the corner of a room, or even placed in the middle of the room with a multi-sided unit. You have several decorative options to choose from with gas units as well, such as trim kits, stunning surrounds, customized louvres, andirons and much more. A freestanding gas stove offers even more simplicity, just pick a spot in your room and put your stove where you like (observing the necessary clearances from walls, of course). Stoves also offer plenty of decorative options, including several door options, shelf kits, inlay kits, and more.

Last, but certainly not least to most consumers, gas appliances are far more efficient than woodburning units. You can use a gas fireplace or stove as a dependable secondary-or perhaps even primary-heating source and save a considerable amount of money on heating bills. When looking for a gas-fired unit, be sure to look for its "BTU" rating. A BTU (British thermal unit) is a measure of heat energy. As a general rule of thumb, 35, 000 BTUs will provide sufficient heating for about 1, 000 square feet. By no means is this an infallible measurement, as much depends on each individual situation in the room where your gas hearth system is installed-number of windows, doors, high or low ceilings, and other factors.

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