Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

Gas-Burning Fireplace
January 19, 2018 – 09:03 am

Designing and building a masonry fireplace in your backyard just got a whole lot easier. The Eldorado Outdoor Gas-Burning Fireplace features an integrated scratch coat, arched opening and cantilevered detailed mantel for an impressive custom masonry appearance.


37” D x 68” L x 81” H


Create an impressive masonry gas burning fireplace in days vs. weeks. Made from high strength, light-weight GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), the building blocks assemble in hours. The integrated scratch coat allows stone or brick veneer to be installed immediately, speeding installation and eliminating unnecessary labor. Additional accessories are available including chimney extensions, hearth extension and seating backrest. Eldorado Outdoor Fireplaces are available through authorized Eldorado Outdoor distributors. Click here to find the closest distributor near you.

Gas-Burning Fireplace


68" L x 37" D x 81" H • OLPLSFP01

Chimney Extension

39" L x 13" D x 16" H • OLPLSFP02

Hearth Extension

39.5" L x 37" D x 16" H • OLPLSFP03

Hearth Extension Backrest

48" L x 8" D x 16" H • OLPW81648

The Eldorado Outdoor Gas Burning Fireplace accommodates gas only and includes refractory panels for installation of fire brick (not included). The fireplace can be installed on a standard 4" slab or paver installation that complies with ICPI standards. Please obtain necessary permits from authorities in local jurisdiction and comply with all local building codes.

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What ever the gas fumes does to the marshmallow won't matter that much. The substance on the marshmallow that turns brown and black after roasting is a carcinogen, and is there for not good for you anyway.

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