Zero Clearance Gas Fireplaces

April 27, 2017 – 10:11 am

Are you renovating or building a new house?

Zero clearance fireplaces are designed for applications as new fireplace in new constructions or when renovating. Valor offers superior performance fireplaces which can be installed just about anywhere, which in turn, increases the value of your home. Most zero clearance appliances require direct vent installations.

Investing in a Fireplace

A fireplace is an excellent investment, a great opportunity when you build a new house or when you renovate your house. A high-quality fireplace will increase the value and comfort of your home and make you save money at the same time.

Our radiant gas fireplaces allow you to take advantage of the zone heating by providing heat where you spend most of your time, a good alternative to central heating. Your house becomes more energy efficient.

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zero clearance fireplaces
zero clearance fireplaces
Westgate Fireplaces
Westgate Fireplaces
Battic Door Energy Conservation Products Fireplace Chimney Draftstopper Plug Balloon (Small Pillow) - Fits Any Zero-clearance Fireplace.
Home (Battic Door Energy Conservation Products)
  • The Fireplace Draftstopper saves up to 30% on heat and air conditioning costs!
  • The Fireplace Draftstopper stops uncomfortable cold chimney downdrafts!
  • The Fireplace Draftstopper reduces the entry of odors and harmful toxins into the house!
  • The Fireplace Draftstopper can pay for itself in heating cost savings in just one month!
  • The Fireplace Draftstopper (small) fits any zero-clearance fireplace!
Monessen Monessen Gruf36c-f 36-inch Radiant Face Circulating Vent-free Firebox With Cottage Clay Firebrick
Home (Monessen)
  • Clean and Easy Zero Clearance Design
  • Enjoy Radiant Warmth and a Wide Viewing Area
  • Efficient and Economical Vent Free Application
  • Heat Circulating Air Ducts for Optional Blower Installation
  • Cottage Clay Firebrick and Mesh Curtains for True Fireplace Appeal
ProCom ProCom Universal Vent-Free Firebox, Model# PC32VFC
Home (ProCom)
  • Will accept most 18 or 24 vent-free gas log sets
  • Zero-Clearance Firebox
  • Decorative sprayed brick liner
  • Extra large viewing area
  • Draw screen and hood included
Popular Q&A
Zero clearance fireplace.

Hello George, if it is  not listed for an insert then you can not install on in that unit, that unit was tested and if you install an insert in will run Much hotter than originally designed and installing an insert may cause a fire and your home owners insurance may not cover you if you have a fire.
sorry I know you wanted to here some thing different

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