Best Gas Grills 2014

The 2014 Top 10 Best Value Gas Grills
September 16, 2018 – 12:08 pm

napoleon prestigeBy Max Good

We love Weber gas grills and they have always enjoyed several listings in our Top 10 Values list because they are built so well, come with great warranties, and Weber is renowned for its tech support and huge inventory of parts going back many years. This year they again secured three spots with their three lines. But competitors are turning up the heat. Check out our 2014 picks from lesser known Broil King, Napoleon, and Saber. All produce high quality grills with great warranties and customer service and all are worthy of your consideration.

A dizzying array of gassers is available with prices from under $200 to over $20, 000. Many low and moderate cost models don't get hot enough to do a good job searing steaks, but those with special sear burners can. Of all the accessories, the one we think is most important is sear burners, special burners that get hot enough to brown a steak better than normal burners.

trophy Many feature smoke boxes, and gas grills, with a little practice, can produce lovely smoked meals, but they require extensive ventilation so smoking is not their strength.

Watch out though because cheap manufacturers often include bells and whistles like cut-rate sear burners, side burners, and rotisseries to entice you to buy their flimsy, low quality junkers built with low grade stainless steel held together with crumby fasteners that will rust and break apart after a couple seasons.

When it comes to grills, bigger is better. We recommend you go for at least three burners so you can cook with a hot zone and a not so hot zone. This 2-zone system allows you better temperature control and it is a necessity if you hope to do more than burn hot dogs and burgers.

And regardless of the price you pay, the dial thermometers attached to the hoods are poor quality. It is not unusual for them to be off by 50°F. We strongly recommend that your budget include a good digital thermometer with a probe that can be placed on the cooking surface.

For other things to look for when you are shopping, read our article on understanding gas grills, with an explanation of how infrared burners work, ignition systems, and how different types of gas grills cook.bril-mate gas grill It also explains that you should not pay attention to BTU ratings on the specs because they can be misleading, and how you can calculate "flux", a much more useful number which we provide in our reviews. Click here for tips on setting up and using gas grills.

At we have created a huge Equipment Reviews section with a searchable database of hundreds of reviews and ratings of smokers and grills. From it we have drawn our list of Top 10 Value Gas Grills for 2014. To say whittling this list down to 10 models was tough is an understatement. Go to any big box store and you'll trip over all the different gassers being displayed, and that's just in the parking lot. In making our selections we tried to cover a wide range of designs and prices and pick the best of breed. Globalization had a significant impact on gas grill manufacturing. Many are now made in China and even All-American companies like Weber do some manufacturing and sourcing of components outside the USA. Canadian companies are also coming on strong with great cookers that deserve consideration.

saber broil king char-broil tru gas grill weber genesis gas grill
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What is best gas grill to buy?

It all depends on your price range. Weber, Broil King, and Ducane are all great mid priced grills.

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