Gas Grill Ribs

BBQ Ribs On A Gas Grill
November 27, 2015 – 12:19 am

Ready to eatMy friends Ryan and Melissa have been promoting my site to all of their friends and have helped increase my readership. So in return, I decided to cook them dinner. I asked Ryan what he wanted and without hesitation he said ribs. This worked perfectly as I have been getting a lot of emails about cooking ribs on a gas grill. I have smoked ribs many times and posted about them a couple of times, but I have always cooked them on the smoker. I love my charcoal/wood smoker (Old Bessie), but I also love my new gas grill (Weber). I know its not a creative name, but a grill by any other name is just a grill. So with the help of Weber, I am going to tackle ribs on a gas grill.

Cooking them over indirect heat is the key. Ribs shed a lot of grease when cooked, so if you cook them over direct heat they will definitely burn. Burned ribs are a no-no. Weber told me so.

Removing the silver skin allows the rub to penetrate and tenderize the ribsThe first step is to rinse the ribs. Once they are rinsed remove the silver skin from the ribs and rinse again. The easiest way to remove the silver skin is to start from the center and using your finger or a butter knife, gently lift the silver skin from the ribs.

Next pat the ribs dry using a paper towel or a lint free cotton towel. Linty ribs are also a no-no.

Now it is time to add the rub to the ribs. I usually mix all of the ingredients in a big resealable bowl. That way if I have any left over, I can store it in the same container. No need to do dishes. After I get the rub mixed together, I place some in a pizza shaker and use that to apply the rub to the ribs. You can get them for -2 dollars at pretty much any kitchen store.

My new roommate Kate in her first Savory Reviews appearance. Look at her rubbing down the ribs.Start on the rib side and generously apply the rub to the ribs. Flip and cover the meat side of the ribs.

Let the ribs sit for 15 – 20 minutes to get up to room temperature and marinate in the rub. During this time preheat your grill. You should only need one burner on. Get the temperature inside the grill to get to about 300-310 Degrees Fahrenheit. If your grill has vertical burners, turn on the burner farthest away from your gas tank. If your grill has horizontal burners, turn on the burner that closest to the back of the grill.

Homemade Smoker BoxNow this is also the time to start soaking some wood chips. These will be placed in a smoker box on the grill. The smoker box will be placed directly over the flames. Don’t worry if you don’t have a smoker box. I MacGyver’d one for $0.75. Get a disposable bread pan and fill it with the soaked wood chips.

Now cover the pan with aluminum foil. Then using a knife cut 10-15 holes in the foil. This will allow the smoke to escape from the box. A lot easier than purchasing a $15-25 smoker box.

I started with three racks of ribs and my modest gas grill was not large enough to hold 3 full racks of ribs. So I had to cut mine in half in order to fit them on the grill without them being directly over the flame. I know I shouldn’t have cut them, but I needed three racks and I didn’t want them to burn.

Place the ribs bone side up on the grill, away from the heat. Placing them bone side up will allow the juices to pool in the ribs and allows them to self baste. Let cook for an hour and a half. Then flip and cook for another hour to an hour and half. The ribs should take between 2.5 to 3 hours to cook. Mine took 3 as I had the grill stacked with ribs. If you have less meat on the grill it will cook a little faster.

Add holes to the foil to allow the smoke to escape. Place the ribs meat side down Flip so that the ribs are meat side up Sauced and ready to go
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I got my rib rack to go with my Weber Smokey Mountain Bullet. If you want really massive ribs, then consider getting a smoker. They are slow cookers, but the results are fabulous. Also, you don’t have to be there every second. With ribs, I only check four or five times during a session unless the weather is kind of strange (like rain or cold).
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