Griddle for Gas Grills

The Griddle: My Favorite Grill Accessory
August 24, 2015 – 09:59 am : Little Griddle : Little Griddle SQ180 Universal Griddle for BBQ Grills

With direct and indirect heat, the griddle can both fry and bake, all on the grill, all before the sun rises.

Years ago, I would make a plate of nachos and stick them in the oven. Once I came to my senses and tried to forget the errs of my past, I realized the only place to properly make nachos is on the grill.

Using the griddle with layers of crisp tortillas, fresh salsa, and grated cheese, grilled nachos are the ultimate mid-day snack or appetizer for the big game.

One of my more unique ways of using the griddle is with my kettle when I “grill” Beef Wellington.

It’s a process that requires both direct heat for grilling and indirect heat for baking. The tenderloin fillets are grilled on the grate and then after being wrapped in pastry, placed on the griddle for the bake. The griddle is a great conductor of heat, and its surface is more suited for the puff pastry than the grates of the grill.

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Just bought a Nascar gas can replica grill & smoker it has no manual i need to know how to use it or where I can get a manual. I've searched the internet high and low can someone please help me????

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