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May 28, 2016 – 08:26 am

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“My husband and I just purchased this grill a few days ago. It was already assembled and as soon as we got home with it, my husband got the grill going. My husband loves this grill. He didn’t even like grilling before with our charcoal grill. We looked at a lot of grills before deciding on this one; comparing the materials the inside bottom was made of and whether or not it would deteriorate in a short time, the size of the drip pan, and the weight and make of the cooking grids. We believe we made a great choice!”

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“My wife bought me this gas grill last year for fathers day and it is absolutely wonderful. It lights the first time every time and boy does it get HOT. I continue to be more and more pleased with this grill every time i light it!”
– Joe, OH

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“I’m a single mother who’s never used a grill in my life. Didn’t even know how to start it. This one was easy though! Push a button and turn a knob! Love this grill and the chicken I cooked on it was awesome! I highly recommend it.”
– NewGrillerGirl, NC

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“This grill is awesome! I’ve been using it for a few months and I love it. I have some experience using another Grill Master gas grill, so I knew I wanted to purchase this one for myself. I highly recommend this grill and the brand.”
– ATLKristen

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“After fighting with a big awkward gas grill for three years, that I realized I paid way too much for and apparently it wasn’t assembled correctly, I finally went shopping for another grill. This one caught my eye at Lowe’s. The size, price and features of it sold me. I used it the same day, had great results and many compliments. No huge fires from grease dropping on elements. This was a problem with the other grill and I was not able to adjust the flames. Loving it and there will be many cookouts at my home this summer!!!”
– Cassie, NC

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“This grill is perfect. Good price, cooks food fast, and looks good. I read about other people having problems with the ignition switch and moisture in the temp gage this can be fixed by buying the $25.00 opt. cover. I’ve had the grill for about 2 months now and it works great, even grilled for my youngest daughter’s birthday for about 40 people and everything came out great. Love this grill!”

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BOBIN 14251 (4-pack) Universal Straight Stainless Steel Pipe Burner Replacement for Gas Grill Models BBQ Tek, Bond, Brinkmann, Grill King, Master Cook, Presidents Choice, Lowes Model (14 5/8" x 1")
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Popular Q&A
How long should burgers cook for in a gas grill?

It depends on the thickness of the burgers but about seven minutes on each side.

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