Gas powered Airplanes

Intro To Gas RC Planes (glow plug powered)
February 19, 2015 – 04:43 pm

MrRCSound airplane sound systemThe term gas rc planes is often a generic one used to cover all types of IC (internal combustion) powered radio control plane, but this page mainly talks about the most popular kind - glow plug or 'nitro' airplanes as opposed to gasoline (petrol) or diesel powered ones.

Glow, glow plug and nitro are just different names for exactly the same power type and generally speaking such planes account for the majority found at your average rc airplane club field; although electric planes are equally as popular these days, a glow plug powered airplane isn't as suitable for flying in public places such as parks, so they tend to be more restricted to club sites.

Buying and flying a gas powered rc plane is easier than it ever has been in the past, with thanks going to the modern day RTF (Ready To Fly) glow plug trainers such as the Alpha Trainer DSM2 and the NexStar Select 46, both shown below:

Above: the Hanger 9 Alpha Trainer DSM2 and Hobbico's trusty NexStar Select 46
- two very popular RTF trainer gas rc airplanes

Both the NexStar Select 46 and the Alpha Trainer have proved to be two very popular glow trainer planes with beginners to the hobby, either looking to step up from an electric rc airplane or from scratch. Sold fully RTF, no construction work is needed on these airplanes, just some basic final assembly.

The innovative is packed with many features not found on other trainers, all designed to make learning to fly as easy and as safe as possible, while the was the first ever mass-produced RTF glow powered rc plane to be sold with a 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio system as standard - now commonplace with RTFs.
Both of these trainer planes have extremely stable flying characteristics, exactly what you need in your early days as an rc pilot.

RTF gas rc planes like these are letting more and more people take to the skies with a proper multi-channel glow plug powered model. This kind of plane is perfect as an introduction to IC radio control flying, either from scratch or as a natural progression from electric rc flying.

Ready To Fly glow plug trainer airplanes like the two shown above can be assembled in very little time and that's a great incentive for anyone looking to start flying gas rc planes with the minimum amount of fuss. Having said that, instruction manuals do need to be read, understood and followed thoroughly and the completed airplane should always be checked over by a competent modeller prior to flight.

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Gas powered RC Airplane
Gas powered RC Airplane
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Completing the RC Airplane - gas powered
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Skyartec RC Airplane F4U Corsair TW-748 Radio Control Plane
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  • High Quality model with decals included for recreating authentic WWII markings.
  • Ready to Fly in Just Minutes!
  • Shock Resistant Reinforced Fuselage and Strong Wings
  • Fuselage with pre-installed Electronics, Motor, Servos, and Speed Controller
ROSOLO INC (Ship from USA) Mentor-G 26cc Gas Trainer ARF V2
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Etou ETOU Remote Control Beetle Toy with Light
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  • Comes in a beetle shape
  • Can go forward, backward, turn left/right or stop
  • The light turns on when the toy is powered up
  • Equipped with a USB connector, this beetle can be connected to a computer or tablet PC for charging or remote control
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