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Choosing the Right 50cc Dirt Bike
October 16, 2014 – 10:16 am

As soon as your child is able to ride a bicycle without training wheels he or she can start learning to ride a dirt bike. If you have been looking for an entry-level dirt bike for your young rider, the 50cc dirt bike will be a perfect choice.

Generally speaking, 50cc, two-stroke engines are the smallest ones available in kids gas powered dirt bikes, so if your kid has never ridden before and is between 5 – 8 years old then you should definitely opt for this size.


Which 50cc dirt bike to choose? We researched many dirt bikes and found some branded bikes from Yamaha, KTM or Kawasaki. However, the price of these 50cc dirt bikes was so high that the value-for-money ratio has been simply too low. Why would you invest much a lot into an expensive 50cc dirt bike just to find out that your kid has outgrown the bike within next couple of months?

Instead, we recommend you to look at the entry level, 49cc dirt bike named Coolster, which has been a number one choice for thousands of customers worldwide looking for a quality, yet affordable starter 49cc / 50cc dirt bike for their kids.

Coolster 49cc Dirt Bike

Meet Coolster, the 49cc dirt bike for kids that i s packed with safety features and it’s very easy to ride. Let’s take a quick look at the most important features of this impressive kids dirt bike:

Engine – Coolster is powered by the 49cc single cylinder, two-stroke engine which is cooled by air. Thanks to this, the cute 49cc dirt bike does exactly what it needs to do: it runs smoothly and tops out around 30 to 35 miles per hour. This is just enough to race around the neighborhood but at the same time it is slow enough for you to not have to chase your kids down with your own motorcycle. It is an optimal performance-to-safety ratio.

Transmission – This particular 49cc dirt bike features an automatic centrifugal clutch gearbox with the trouble-free chain drive. The automatic transmission means that the is no shifting needed at all. This is is good for kids as they don’t have to think about changing gears and can focus on the steering and control.

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Gas powered kids bike
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FBAPowersetup Motovox 70 cc Dirt Bike
Sports (FBAPowersetup)
  • 5.3 hp, no clutch, 4 speed gearing, easy kick start
  • No dent polypropylene fenders, tank and side covers
  • Dual front shocks and rear coil-over shock
  • Steel rims w/ alloy hubs
  • Front and rear drum brakes
Jades first ride on the gas powered dirt bike.
Jades first ride on the gas powered dirt bike.
GoPed RIOT 29 mini gas powered dirt bike
GoPed RIOT 29 mini gas powered dirt bike
Automotive Parts and Accessories (PCC)
  • 49CC MINI GAS MOTOR DIRT BIKE(final assemble required)
  • single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke. Warranty:30 Days Parts Replacement against factory defects. Return Policy:returns are not allowed.
  • Mechanical knowledge and skill are REQUIRED to use and maintain this bike, or contact us before purchase it !
  • This item is not for sale in State of California !!
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