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Should I buy a gas or electric golf cart?
August 29, 2014 – 07:28 am

This is perhaps the first question you should ask yourself and it has to do with your skill level, budget and cart usage.

Generally a gas cart is a few hundred dollars more than an electric until they reach about 15 years old then the electric cart retains more of its value as it is expected to have a longer life and far less repairs. We have many 30 plus year old electric carts still in operation.

Reasons to buy a gas cart:

  • You have a large family and the kids are running the cart all the time.
  • You are a mechanic and know nothing about electric systems.
  • You do not have power available where the cart is to be stored.
  • Your campground charges more than $25 per season for electricity if you have an electric vehicle.
  • You are using the cart like a car and drive at least 10 miles one way to town.
  • You only use the cart a few weekends a year.

Reasons to buy an electric cart:

  • You are not mechanical and want trouble free operation.
  • You plan to drive less than 30 miles between charges.
  • You want speeds in excess of 20 MPH.
  • You would like to protect the environment.
  • You are driving on roads under the N.E.V. regulations (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle).
  • Your budget is limited and you would like to spend less than $2500 for a reliable cart.
  • You enjoy the quiet operation.

electric golf car Most people will find an electric cart a pleasure to own. Do not be swayed by the advice of others that say, “The batteries will cost you $600 to replace and the electric is more expensive to own.” In fact, the operating cost of the gas and electric are virtually the same; the only difference is the gas car will nickel and dime you with fuel, filters, oil changes, belts, etc., whereas the electric vehicle will be trouble-free but you will face the large expense of battery replacement...

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