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March 27, 2015 – 04:41 pm

Stick nailer.Understanding the different nailer firing methods will help you choose a tool for your projects and help you avoid accidental firing. Note that manufacturers may have different names for firing methods. On most nailers, the firing method depends on the operation of two controls: a trigger and a safety tip that you depress against the work surface.

Contact or "bump" firing lets you rapidly drive nails in succession. As long as you're holding down the trigger, each bump of the safety tip against the work surface fires a nail. This type of firing speeds up production work, but can be difficult to control. There is a higher risk of unintentional firing than with other methods.

Single-sequential firing prevents you from bump-firing nails. You must operate the safety tip and trigger in sequence to fire the first nail. However, you can keep the safety tip pressed against the work surface and simply release and reactivate the trigger for each additional nail.

Single-actuation firing functions like single-sequential firing, but to fire the first nail, you can operate the safety tip and trigger in any order. This means that you can bump-fire the first nail.

Full-sequential firing makes safe operation easier by requiring sequential activation of the safety tip and trigger to fire each nail. You cannot bump-fire. You must first activate the safety tip and then the trigger to fire a nail. To fire the next nail, you release the tip and the trigger and then reactivate them in the correct sequence. This method does not let you work as quickly as contact firing, but it's less likely to fire a nail unintentionally.

Smaller, trigger-operated nailers don’t have safety tips. They use a single trigger or dual triggers to fire a nail. With single-trigger tools, pulling the trigger drives a nail. Dual-trigger tools require you to pull the triggers in the proper sequence.

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Air Powered Nail Gun
Paslode 901 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer (Gas Powered)
Paslode 901000 18 Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer (Gas Powered)
Hitachi Hitachi NR90GR2 3.5-Inch Gas Powered Plastic Strip Collated Cordless Framing Nailer Gun
Home Improvement (Hitachi)
  • 7.2-Volt, 1.4-Amp-hour (Ah) NiCd battery is capable of firing up to 4, shots on a single charge
  • Fires up to 3.5-Inch by 0.131-Inch round-head nails
  • Weighs just 7.9-pounds and features a well-balanced design that minimizes user fatigue and allows for easy one-handed operation
  • Includes a battery charger, 7.2-Volt battery, safety glasses, hex wrench and case
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Watch the Hitachi Tool Corner video for this nailer to learn more!
  • Gas powered
  • means complete portability through the elimination of a compressor and air hose
  • Operates on
  • a fuel rod and cordless battery
Hitachi Hitachi NC40G Gas Powered Concrete Nailer, 1-9/16"
Home Improvement (Hitachi)
  • Dry-fire lock out prevents blank drives
  • Two-step nail feeder for quick and easy loading
  • Operates on fuel rod and cordless battery
Battery Powered Nail Gun
Battery Powered Nail Gun
Hilti Gas Powered Nail Gun 6 Ghosts I - Nine Inch Nails
Hilti Gas Powered Nail Gun 6 Ghosts I - Nine Inch Nails
Hitachi Hitachi NT65GAP9 15 Gauge 2-1/2-Inch Gas Powered Angled Finish Nailer
Home Improvement (Hitachi)
  • Watch the Hitachi Tool Corner video for this gas finish nailer
  • Powered by a gas fuel rod (sold separately) and Lithium Ion battery
  • for complete portability
  • Freedom from cumbersome air hose and compressor
  • saves time in setup, during applications, and in job site clean up
  • Lightweight at only 4.4 lbs
  • for balance, maneuverability and minimal user fatigue and ideal for overhead and extended use applications
  • Fuel rods can be replenished immediately
  • upon depletion instead of waiting for a compressor cycle
  • Quick clear nose with tool-less jam release
OrionNexus OrionPower OGG-3490CH 2-inch to 3.5-inch Gas-Powered Cordless Framing Nailer / Nail Gun
Home Improvement (OrionNexus)
  • Cordless, Portable, Lightweight usage on the job site, with no hoses or compressors.
  • Lithium Ion Battery Technology fires 4 shots on a single charge
  • Propylene-Butane Fuel Cells deliver plenty of power, each cell firing 1200 nails
  • Fires up to 3.5 inch 30-34 Degree Clipped or Round Head Paper Strip Collated Framing Nails
  • Also Includes: Two Li-Ion Rechargable Batteries, Charger, Carrying Case, Goggles.
Senco Senco 5N0001N Fusion Finish Nailer
Home Improvement (Senco)
  • Patented reflex shot design
  • Robust aluminum drive cylinder
  • Selective drive switch
  • Nose Mounted LED Light
  • Thumbwheel Depth-of-Drive
Popular Q&A
What is more powerful gas airsoft guns or CO2 guns?

gbb and gnbb in other word gas blow back and gas non blow back airsoft guns are more powerful than a co2 gun which fps for a co2 gun resides around 200 fps roughly give or take and a gas airsoft gun starts usually around 250-300 fps

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