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Electric Scooter LawsLaws for California
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Electric Scooter Laws in California

California Electric Scooter Law Summary:

  • A driver's license or learners permit is required to drive an electric scooter.
  • No insurance, registration or license plates are required.
  • Driver must wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Drive shall not operate motorized scooter in excesses of 15 mph.
  • Driver shall not operate on public road with a speed limit of 25 mph or more, unless it is operated in a bike lane.
  • Driver to operate on right side of the roadway and next to the curb when feasible. When intending to move left at an intersection, they must walk their scooter in a crosswalk when crossing roadway.
  • Driver must operate in a designated bike lane when one is available.
  • Driver must not ride on any sidewalk except to leave or enter adjacent property.
  • Driver shall not leave scooter on path or sidewalk.
  • Driver shall not hitch scooter onto another vehicle in motion.
  • Driver shall not have passengers.
  • Driver can be on bike path or trail unless prohibited by local ordinance.
  • Driver must have at least one hand on handlebars.
  • Equipment requirements during hours of darkness:
  1. White headlight to the front visible from 300 feet both to the front and sides.
  2. A red reflector on the rear of the device, visible from 500 feet.
  3. White or yellow reflector on each side visible from the front and rear of the device from 200 feet.
  4. A white lamp or white lamp combination, attached to the operator and visible from 300 feet in front and from the sides of the motorized scooter.

Handlebars must not exceed shoulders of the rider.

Scooter must have an engine/motor kill switch that activates when released or when the brakes are applied.

Scooter must have a working brake.

California DMV Motorized Scooter Law Links
(All DMV links open in new windows)

Defined, 21220.5, 21224
Driving under the influence, 21221.5
Equipment, 21223
Legislative intent, 21220
Local regulations, 21225
Maximum speed, 22411
Operation requirements and prohibitions, 21227, 21228, 21229, 21230, 21235

Electric Bicycle Laws in California

California Electric Bicycle Law Summary:

  • A driver's license is not required to drive an electric bicycle.
  • Driver shall not operate a motorized bicycle if under 16 years of age.
  • Bicycle must have fully operative pedals.
  • Power output must not be more than 1000 Watt.
  • On level ground must not travel faster than 20mph on motors power only.
  • Electric motor must disengage when brakes are applied or when throttle is released.

California DMV Motorized Bicycle Law Links
(All DMV links open in new windows)

Bike trails, 21207.5
Crossing at grade, 12509
Darkness, operation during, 12509
Dealer plates, 5034
Defined, 406
Equestrian trails, 21207.5
Equipment requirements, 24015
Fees, 5036
Freeways, operation on, 21960
Helmet, 27802
Instruction permit, 12509
License plates for, 5030-5039
Licensing requirements, 5030-5039
Lights, 21201.3
Modified, 23135
Passengers, 12509, 27800
Recreational trails, 21207.5
Registration exemption, 4020
Safety and equipment requirements, 24016
Vehicular crossings, on, 23330
for more information on California's electric bicycle laws view the: California DMV Motorcycle Handbook 2011

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Popular Q&A
are gas powered pocket bikes legal in Pennsylvania? | Yahoo Answers

No unless you can register and insure it with the state. Otherwise yes, it is legal to own one, you just can't use it on any public street.

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