Gas powered RC Airplane

Beginners Guide to a Gas Powered RC Airplane
July 3, 2016 – 02:03 pm

Solo Star TrainerThis is my newest series of videos and tutorials and in this series I adventure into the world of Gas Powered flight. This is going to be a lot of fun! Up until now I have built and flew two airplanes and both of them are electric powered: The first beginners electric plane - The second bigger plane (Japanese Zero). With this project we really start to delve into the world of RC airplanes beign gas powered, pretty darn big, and an "ARF" which means Almost ready to fly. So there will be some fun assembly of the plane and installation of the engine. This definition of ARF will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Typically the hard parts of the plane are done such as the fuselage and wings which is about 90% of the work and you have to put things together and install the motor.

When Buying a plane like this

Typically you purchase a plane like this and you get the plane! You will have to purchase other materials to complete things and to get flying. These other things are usually the engine, the propellor, fuel, the radio control that goes in the plane and the hand held controller.

The Plane pictured below is the one I bought. And don't let the picture fool you. This plane, when assembled is big! The fuselage is just under four feet in length.

Solo Star Trainer ARF, Value Series

The airplane parts What could be better than an easy-to-build, inexpensive .40 size ARF Trainer? How about a choice of trim schemes to go along with it? With a Hangar 9 Solo Series Trainer, not only do you get quality balsa construction and all the necessary hardware needed to assemble the kit, you get to choose from one of two great looking trim schemes, too!

A note about Gas Powered Planes - If you are just starting out in the hobby of gas powered RC airplanes you might want to consider getting a plane that is labeled a Trainer. This means that it is durable and has stable flight characteristics. It will make a big difference in the handling of the plane. It won't be so sentitive to changes in controls and weather. It is designed for stability which is great because you don't want to take it out on its first flight and crash it!

This airplane is made out of balsa wood which could possibly break during a bad crash. The other planes I have made are foam and plastic which lends them lightness and durability.

Here are the parts that come in the box. You can see the wings and tail, the fuselage and the various small components that make up the plane including the wheels, gas tank, screws and bolts.

When you buy a plane like this you will need to purchase more stuff including a propellor, an engine, fuel and a controller.

You will probably also need a few other items like fuel line and a battery pack for the receiver that goes in the plane and batteries for your transmitter.

Let's continue on and learn more about the building of this airplane I have lots more information about cost and building this plane; and another video

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