Gas powered tricycle

Screw Gas, Drive A Drill-Powered Electric Suicide Trike
August 9, 2017 – 06:23 pm

Nils Ferber EX electric drill-powered trikeWe're all familiar with alternative lifestyles, but the EX electric tricycle looks like an attempt at an alternative deathstyle. Concocted in the mind of Nils Ferber and realized with the aid of a pair of Bosch drill/drivers, this is an EV for the motorist with a Rube Goldberg fetish and a death wish.

Even the description of how to drive the vehicle is frightening: "The driver controls the vehicle with brake and gas handles and by tilting the back wheel with its body." It tilts the back wheel to turn the EV. It puts the lotion in the basket.

Other key features extolled by Nils Ferber: "The headlong position gives you an exiting [sic] driving experience, " and "Steering with the spine-shaped joint is very different from holding a steering wheel or handle bar. You have to use your whole body to lift and bend the vehicle." The icing on the cake is the aesthetic description: "A skeleton with its organs was the inspiration for this design."

Unfortunately, the screwdriver powertrain is only good for 18 mph-though even that marginal amount of speed is sure to feel fast given the layout, proximity to the ground, and spindly construction.

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