Gas prices in Ireland

Firmus Energy announces gas bill price cuts in Northern Ireland
August 6, 2015 – 04:04 pm

By John Campbell BBC News NI Economics & Business Editor

Image caption Firmus Energy holds gas supply licences for two separate domestic markets within Northern Ireland - greater Belfast and a market known as the 'ten towns' area

Firmus Energy, which supplies gas to about 76, 000 customers in Northern Ireland, is to cut its prices.

Customers in greater Belfast will see prices fall by up to 10% from October. Those in the 'ten towns' gas network outside Belfast will get a 5% cut.

The cuts are due to the continuing fall in wholesale gas prices.


Michael Scott, Firmus Energy's managing director, said: "All our customers will receive a letter within a week outlining their tariff reduction and the date it will come into effect.

"We will continue to monitor costs and wholesale fuel prices closely to ensure the price we charge our customers is the best value that we can offer."

The price cut is greater in Belfast because it is part of a separate network.

The 'ten towns' area covers Antrim, Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon, Newry, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady and Londonderry.


A spokesperson for Firmus Energy said: "Natural gas costs only make up around 50% of the bill, the remainder is made up of distribution and transmission costs.

"These costs are 21% higher in the 'ten towns' licence area than in greater Belfast and have been reviewed and approved by the utility regulator."

Richard Williams, head of energy at the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland, said the price cuts were "positive news" for gas customers.

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The Price started to go down a bit to 99 Cent a Litre for Petrol but Diesel which was always Cheaper by 5 cent got Dearer . So the Price is starting to get Dearer again at € 1. 05 a Litre for Super and € 1.09 for Diesel.
Chuck the Car and get a Bicycle, it is to Dear in Ireland with the cost of VRT Tax ,Insurance,and Petrol ,more Healthy for the Environment too.
Edit to Quantify this ,it depends what Districts you are in on the Price,It varies by as much as 7 Cent sometimes. It is Cheaper in Tesco Service Stations the Supermarket People,and some Nearby Service Stations to Tesco have…

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