Wall-Mounted gas Heaters

Gas and Electric Wall Heaters
May 18, 2013 – 10:02 am

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Of all the many heating options you have for your home, electric wall heaters are the simplest and easiest to install. They may not offer the same energy-efficiency as central heating and cooling systems, but they meet the needs of low-demand heating situations and homeowners who can't afford to install an expensive central heating and cooling system. Covers can simultaneously camouflage the unit's presence in a room and direct the air flow to increase the comfort level in a room. They're usually not the first choice for most homeowners, but they fit a niche in the home heating market and can make sense in some situations.

Gas v. Electric Wall Heaters
Most homeowners choose electric wall heaters for their homes, and despite new heating technology, plenty of reasons still exist that make electric wall heaters the best option. Electric wall heaters are easy to install and can be used wherever electrical power is available. The simple design allows an electrical signal to control the heating coils as soon as the desired temperature is met.

Gas wall heaters are more efficient and better for the environment. They typically use a double vent system that keeps fresh air cycling into your home and maintains indoor air quality. Gas wall heater units are, in theory, cheaper than their electric counterparts, but the need for extra gas runs and gas availability usually make them more expensive in the end. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the cost of installing a gas run and natural gas prices in your area often determine whether a gas wall heater is a viable option for your home.

Source: www.homeadvisor.com
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