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October 4, 2016 – 08:42 pm

jandy_heat_pump-resized-600-1Are you looking for a way to utilize your swimming pool for as much of the year as possible? At River Pools we meet with hundreds of folks across Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia each year regarding their inground pool projects and we receive many questions regarding pool heaters. Today we're going to discuss the benefits of heating your pool, different heating options, and how much each option costs initially and on a monthly basis.

Why Would I Want to Heat My Pool?

Great question! Without a pool heater your swim season may only last three or four months, while the addition of a heater will typically extend your swim season about two months depending on location and climate. We all know how much kids enjoy the swimming pool and closing time can be kind of a bummer but with a pool heater you and your family can maximize the fun.

What Kind Of Pool Heaters Are There?

There are three main types of pool heaters:

  • Solar
  • Heat Pump (electric)
  • Gas

How Do They Work?

Solar Pool Heaters are very efficient in southern climates year-round and extends swim time in northern climates. By using the sun's energy the existing pool pump will circulate the water through the heater which will be typically located on the rooftop or on a frame constructed in the yard. The downs Solar heating requires a system equal to 50%-100% of the pool's surface. While solar energy may be free, the pool pump must be running for the solar heater to properly operate which can increase your electric bill.

Electric Heat Pump amazingly, the electric heat pump is actually a form of solar energy. How is that possible? Well the sun warms the air and that heat is pulled from the air. This warm air is pulled in, enhanced, and transferred into the water, requiring temperatures of approximately 55+ to properly function.

Gas Pool Heaters use either propane or natural gas. Operating independently of outdoor temperature conditions, gas pool heaters burn the fuel within a combustion chamber all while your pool water runs through copper coils to then return to the pool warm.

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Turning on our Gas Pool Heater
Turning on our Gas Pool Heater
Gas pool heater part 5. finished product.(loudepot)
Gas pool heater part 5. finished product.(loudepot)
Pentair Pentair 460736 MasterTemp High Performance Eco-Friendly Pool Heater, Natural Gas, 400,000 BTU
Lawn & Patio (Pentair)
  • Compact and quiet heater for pool or spa
  • Certified for low Nitrogen Oxide emissions; tough, rust-proof exterior
  • Rotating digital display allows for easy viewing; manual gas shut-off when service is required
Hayward Hayward H100ID1 Induced Draft 100,000-BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater
Lawn & Patio (Hayward)
  • 100, BTU induced heater for above-ground pools and spas
  • Electronic, direct-spark ignition for total control and automatic operation; FireTile combustion chamber ensures quick heating
  • Induced draft technology ensures optimum heating and all-weather performance, even in high wind situations
  • Plug-in 120-volt electric cord for easy installation
  • Not for installation at an elevation greater than 2, feet above sea-level
Laars Legacy LRZ Natural Gas Pool Heater Installation
Laars Legacy LRZ Natural Gas Pool Heater Installation
Raypak 153 WHG Natural Gas Pool Heater
Raypak 153 WHG Natural Gas Pool Heater
Hayward Hayward H150FDP Universal H-Series Low Nox 150,000-BTU Propane Pool Heater
Lawn & Patio (Hayward)
  • New polymer header provides superior hydraulic performance to save energy and protect against the damaging effects of erosion
  • Forced draft system constantly moves air through the combustion chamber at a precise flow rate, eliminating all outside weather variables
  • Patented single header v baffle design heat exchangers allow for long life, fast heating and virtually no condensation
  • State-of-the-art finn plate heat exchanger with cupro nickel
  • Easy-to-read LED control panel provides digital temperature readout and diagnostics for quick identification of components that might need service
Sta-Rite Sta-Rite SR400HD Max-E-Therm Pool And Spa Heater, Natural Gas, 400,000 BTU, Heavy Duty
Lawn & Patio (Sta-Rite)
  • Lightweight - Lightest heater in its class
  • Compact Design - Ideal for retro-fit installation
  • Lower Operating Costs - 84% efficiency rating - rated 1st in its class for highest energy efficiency
  • Rustproof Housing Sleek, matte black enclosure is made of Dura-Glass - an exclusive Sta-Rite material that handles the heat and weathers the elements
Hayward Hayward HAXPLT1931 Natural Gas Pilot Replacement for Hayward H-Series Ed1 Style Pool Heater
Lawn & Patio (Hayward)
  • Natural gas pilot replacement
  • Fits hayward millivolt electronic h-series ed1 style pool heater
  • Weighs 25-1/2-pound
Popular Q&A
How Gas Pool Heaters Work

Pool heaters work by re-cycling water, so the water will not be hot to the touch when it comes through the pool jets or inlets. Heat is added gradually as the water is turned over in the pool.

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