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When to Replace a Water Heater
August 7, 2018 – 11:50 am

There are two types of conventional water heaters, gas and electric. An electric water heater can be used almost anywhere. A gas water heater is most likely to be installed in a home that already uses gas for another appliance such as a furnace or stove. Building codes may dictate the placement of gas water heaters, restricting them to areas outside of normal home activity.

It is likely if you are replacing a water heater, you'll simply replace it with the same type of unit that was already there. However, there are upgrade possibilities that should be considered. For example: if space allows, you may choose to increase the unit's holding capacity to accommodate your growing family. Another important consideration is the unit's energy efficiency. Replacement time is the perfect time to lower your energy bill by choosing a water heater that is more energy efficient.

When looking for a water heater, consider these features:

  • Gallon capacity (40-gallon and 50-gallon heaters are most common)
  • Recovery rate (the number of gallons the heater will heat in an hour)
  • Dimensions (width and height — physical space may limit your ability to upgrade your unit's capacity — will the heater fit in the space you have for it?)
  • The energy efficiency rating (a sticker on the side should list the estimated annual cost of operation for the unit)

Before making any repairs or purchasing a new water heater, check the nameplate on the side of your current unit. Here you will find helpful information including the tank capacity, insulation R-value, installation guidelines, working pressure, model and serial number. If you have an electric water heater, the nameplate will also list the wattage capacity and voltage of the heating elements.

This information will serve as the starting point in your search for replacement parts, or a complete replacement unit. For an overview on the types of water heaters available, read our Water Heater Buying Guide.


If you choose to replace an electric unit for a gas unit-or vice versa — bring in a professional to do the job. Installing or removing gas lines is not a project for the DIYer.

When Replacement is Necessary

If you are handy with tools, you might want to consider replacing your water heater yourself. For a direct replacement, installation is straightforward. Essentially, this involves putting the new unit in just like the old one came out, including the connection of supply water lines and electricity to the new unit. Masking tape is useful for marking water lines and electrical wires. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your unit.

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Depending on the brand you are interested in, a 40 gallon natural gas water heater ranges from $409 to $649 plus tax. Thanks.

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