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May 13, 2014 – 03:19 pm

Effinity93 Condensing Unit Heater (Model PTC) - The most efficient gas-fired unit heater in North America! With ten models available - from 55, 000 to 310, 000 BTU/hr - all operating at 93% efficiency, the Effinity93 will dramatically lower gas consumption, as well as CO2 emissions, saving money and the environment. Learn more about the Effinity93 - PTC

Effinity93 Blower units (Model BTC) are now available! Built on the same successful platform as the Model PTC, these models include the same great features with the application flexibility of a blower unit heater. Learn more about the Effinity93 - BTC

Separated Combustion Unit Heater (PTS/BTS, HDS/HDC) - Separated combustion unit heaters obtain 100% of their combustion air from outside, ensuring that nothing but clean, fresh air is burned in the combustion chamber. This fresh-air supply reduces common concerns about maintenance, performance and durability, especially in dusty, dirty or humid applications. It also increases the overall heating efficiency. Available in commercial (PTS/BTS) and residential Hot Dawg sizes (HDS/HDC), with both blower and propeller units available. Learn more about our Commercial Separated Combustion Unit Heaters (PTS/BTS) or our Residential Separated Combustion Unit Heaters (HDS/HDC)

Horizontal Power Vented Unit Heater (PTP) - The PTP-series delivers 80% thermal efficiency in a robust package of design features. The PTP features a stainless steel tubular heat exchanger as standard on all units with a 10-year heat exchanger warranty providing customers with a peace of mind. Users of the PTP will also benefit from a design that allows quick and easy installations. Learn more about our Horizontal Power Vented Unit Heater (PTP).

Vertical Power Vented Unit Heater (PDP/BDP) - Inexpensive to install, easy to use and time tested for quality and durability. Our commercial grade power vent unit heaters come with either a propeller fan or centrifugal blower fan in seven different sizes, ensuring that no matter your heating and airflow needs, we got you covered. Learn more about our Power Vented Unit Heaters (PDP)

Hot Dawg Low Profile Unit Heater (HD/HDB) - For applications requiring a low profile unit, Modine offers the popular Hot Dawg® unit heater. Certified for residential use, as well as commercial applications, the Hot Dawg may be installed just one inch below the ceiling. This is the ideal solution for heating garages or workshops. The superior quality, matched with the powerful Hot Dawg brand, make it an easy choice for a variety of applications. Learn more about the Hot Dawg Low Profile Unit Heater (HD/HDB)

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HVAC | Modine Unit Heater Repair | (708) 420-1163
HVAC | Modine Unit Heater Repair | (708) 420-1163
Modine HD60AS0 Natural Gas Hot Dawg Heater 6 BTU
Modine HD60AS0111 Natural Gas Hot Dawg Heater 60000 BTU ...
Modine Modine HD60AS0111 Natural Gas Hot Dawg Heater 60,000 BTU, Power Vented, Hanging Furnace
Home Improvement (Modine)
  • Hush-puppy quiet operation
  • Certified for residential, commercial and industrial use
  • Low-profile design and neutral color to blend in with decor
  • Install quickly and easily with field wiring connections and knockouts for quick access to gas and electricity
  • Permanently-lubricated motor for trouble-free dependability
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