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Resetting the #$%@!!* Honeywell Gas Valve on a Water Heater
June 18, 2014 – 03:12 pm

Doctor Dead - coverAbner, I will handle your questions in my own order.

Who came up with the dumbass design?

I called Honeywell, but they wouldn’t tell me the engineers’ names.

I want him shot.

This may be why they didn’t tell me.

Why doesn’t Lowes carry repair parts for the water heaters they sell?

Removing the cover of the insidious old gas valveBecause, when they shop at Lowes (and other DIY stores), people don’t always, every time, ask them, “You carry repair parts for this, right? And you also carry repair parts for other models that are now obsolete, right?” and then refuse to buy if the answers are not “yes” and “yes.”

But, don’t buy a water heater from the DIY in any case. Get a contractor model. You’ll save money and aggravation in the long term.

innardsHow can this have been going on for years and not have been fixed?

I speculate it’s because Honeywell sells a lot more gas valves this way. Not only that, but people return their old ones, and parts of them at least can probably be reused in new hundred-plus dollar valves. In fact, not only have they not fixed the problem, some instructions I found online lead me to believe that they deliberately introduced this “feature” after the original design. I found instructions for how to reset the status light by turning the dial to “off” for five minutes, but that no longer works.

little white reset button … doesn’t seem to have any effect!?!

The reset button only works if the overheating occurred in the heating chamber.Little white plug stays with wire ribbon. In that case, the pilot light will not stay lit and you do not get the four flashes. Four flashes only happens if the water overheated — different problem.

Isn’t there any way to tell the gas valve to [reset the error condition]?

When the circuit board in the gas valve detects the water-too-hot situation, it writes something into static memory in one of its chips, and the valve will never work again unless you can manage to reset it as described below. Deliberately, maliciously, and probably under the pretense of safety.

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i havent checked personally but i would think all of the new whilpool water heaters have the updated design that incorporated a resetable "klixon" limit mounted to the burner cover door..this limit is wired in series with a standard thermocouple lead..the old design used a fuse link inside of a left hand thread thermocouple..the resetable klixon should be visible on the display model by removing the outer cover,its on the right side of the burner cover door,,,do not buy it if its still the old design,,is a headache to have repaired and you will have down time with no hot water.......dan…

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