Caza Oil and Gas

Caza Oil & Gas
July 27, 2016 – 03:17 pm

Caza’s Gulf Coast operations cover a large area across south Texas and south Louisiana, including the state waters of the Coastal Transition Zone. Most of the company’s production and reserves in this region come from natural gas reservoirs found in conventional sandstone formations. Exploration and development activities in this area are enhanced by the stacked nature of these sandstone formations, which provides the potential for multiple pay zone completions. In addition to natural gas production, many of the reservoirs yield high condensate volumes, which can significantly enhance economics.

Caza believes that using leading-edge technologies will play a key role in lowering risk profiles and delivering value. In recent years, the use of three dimensional seismic technologies has unlocked new opportunities in this area. Onshore 3-D seismic data is very expensive and provides a significant entry barrier to other companies, which makes Caza’s 8, 000-square mile 3-D seismic library both advantageous and valuable.

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